Melanie Rogers

Melanie Rogers, a native of bustling London, England, has become a revered name in the world of yoga, particularly for her expertise in flexibility and movement. Growing up in a city known for its fast pace and diverse culture, Melanie found solace in the flowing postures and intentional breaths of yoga. Unlike instructors who focus on power and rigidity, her unique selling point is her emphasis on fluidity of movement, stretching, and kinesthetic awareness. Melanie's classes offer an oasis of grace and suppleness, attracting a wide range of students, from dancers to those recuperating from physical injuries.

An accredited yoga instructor with a flair for anatomy and biomechanics, Melanie sees yoga as a pathway to explore the intricate connections between mind and body. Through her teaching, she empowers her students to become more attuned to their bodies, unlocking new levels of flexibility and freedom of movement. Her teaching style combines traditional yoga practices with contemporary insights into body mechanics, making her classes an evolving tapestry of old and new.